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A Quiet Place 2- A Spoiler-Less Review by Thomas Price

Thomas shares his thoughts on the second film, A Quiet Place 2!

Jun 2

Shhhhhh, I have a spoiler-less review. Don't say anything; listen. Hold your breath. The monsters might hear you. That's the premise in every scary movie, but somehow in A Quiet Place, we believed it, felt it, and heard it all. In a film based upon silence, the originals' roars and few monster killings were incredible. Part II is.... good, but A Quiet Pace Part II is good, but it felt rushed. It leaves a ton to be desired with a running time of a little under an hour and forty minutes. I tweeted that I thought it was a short TV show episode. — I meant that because so much yet so little happens. The movie's premise is their barn/home has randomly been set ablaze, and the mom, Emily Blunt, must make her way with her two teenage children and her newborn to a new home and find an oxygen tank without being heard.

This film takes some wild turns as they encounter a man they once knew in the past. The intro for the movie vaguely explains what happened, why the aliens arrived, and ultimately what they want. — I left with more questions than answers.

I would've loved for the movie to have spent more time in the before. Even a flat-out prequel would've been a sight to see. Ultimately, the ending of this movie left another cliffhanger, which means another part is on the way.

However, coming in for me at 2.5/4 stars, they have work to do. The first film, A Quiet Place, was flawless. The 2nd part leaves a lot to be desired.