Bucks Have Gotten The Monkey Off Their Backs By Thomas Price

The Bucks are looking good, could they really make the NBA Finals...

May 28

The Milwaukee Bucks have gotten the monkey off their backs,
FINALLY. After going up 3-0 against the Miami Heat, the Bucks, the city, and all Giannis Antetokounmpo fans collectively took a deep sigh. The Bucks have been a team marred by terrible play when it matters, and coach Michael Budenholzer's adjustments lack.

This year everything is different, Giannis has expanded his game, and the Bucks have added dogs to their team, Bobby Portis, Jrue Holiday, and PJ Tucker.

The new guys are hungry. They want to win. They don't care about last year's loss to the Heat. They're fresh and ready. I could tell things would be different on the final play of Game 2 when Holiday blocked Jimmy Butler's shot. Last year that's Eric Bledsoe chasing Jimmy down, and with Bledsoe giving up inches in height and sheer defensive ability, he WOULD'VE for sure given up an open look. Instead, block, the game is over, and a close game that could've put the series 1-1 ends up putting the Bucks 2-0.

Giannis, a young MVP, is reeling off a demoralizing loss for a back-to-back MVP. Had the Bucks lost in the Eastern Conference Finals or the NBA Finals last year, Giannis would've been 3x MVP. Unfortunately, the 2nd round loss to the Heat hurt him. With his numbers nearly the same, he finished outside of the top three in MVP and Defensive Player of the Year, which he won BOTH last year. — Let's hope this is a bright sign and the Bucks can make that finals run Giannis desperately needs for legacy purposes.