Potential Teams Dame Could Be Traded To & Win a Championship by Chris Allen

The Portland Blazers have been struggling to make a deep playoff run. Lillard wants to get a ring before it’s all said and done.

Jul 19

Damian Lillard is a 6-time All-Star and All-NBA point guard from Oakland, California. He might only be 6’2, but his game is certified big time. Lillard is one of the few players at their best in the 4th quarter, hitting clutch shots late with the game on the line. If Dame wasn’t playing in the same era as Stephen Curry, he’d be the best point guard in the league.

The Portland Trail Blazers have been struggling to make a deep playoff run. Lillard wants to get a ring before it’s all said and done as he's made Portland home for the last 8 years. He’s expressed his desire to be a part of a championship-contending team. There are multiple reports that Lillard is interested in possibly being traded to another team. Lillard’s skill set at the guard position is valuable, a scoring playmaker that historically plays better in the postseason and 4th quarter. Lillard might not win a championship with the Blazers, but a few teams in the league could benefit by having him as their starting point guard.

The 1st team would be the Los Angeles Lakers. This is a possible trade because the Lakers could request Dennis Schröder to sign and trade, add Kyle Kuzma or Talen Horton–Tucker and possibly draft picks. The Lakers would love to stretch out the last few good years LeBron has at the elite championship level. This would give the Lakers a big three, so if one goes down from an injury, you still have two superstars on the court. LeBron and Anthony Davis at this point of their career can be labeled as injury-prone. Their offensive production is a majority of the scoring for the Lakers. I believe that the Lakers would benefit from this because it helps reduce some wear and tear on LeBron.

Team number two would be the Philadelphia 76ers. This trade would work out well because of the contracts of Ben Simmons and Lillard. They both make 30 million dollars a year. Philly needs a point guard that can shoot and make big shots when it’s late in the 4th quarter. The Blazers get an All-NBA 1st team defense caliber player in Simmons. The Blazers are too small with the CJ McCollum and Lillard combo and are a liability on defense.

The third and final team would be the Dallas Mavericks. You could trade Kristaps Porziņģis and Jaylen Brunson for Lillard. The Mavericks have something special with Luka Dončić. Dončić needs another scoring playmaker alongside him surrounded by shooters and defenders acquired via trade or role player salary in free agency. With a Lillard and Dončić combo, stand by for deep threes, flashy passes, and clutch buckets. Get your popcorn cause Luka magic, while it’s DAME-time, will be the main event. Defenses won’t be able to double-team either one of them because they’ll be able to find the open shooter.

Lillard would make any franchise better. The only issue, which is the same with all superstar athletes, is his contract. Lillard signed a five-year / $139,888,445 contract with the Blazers, including $139,888,445 guaranteed and an annual average salary of $27,977,689. The problem with trading him to the Lakers is that there’s not one player that’s contract is equal to Lillard‘s.

This means that the Lakers would have to trade more players to get Lillard and acquire more players to fill out the roster. Because of his contract, it limits the budget on what kind of players you can receive. That is why it seems like it would be easier for Lillard to be traded to the 76ers straight up for Simmons or to trade Lillard for Porziņģis and Brunson. Lillard does not have the option to wait out two or three years for his contract to end. He must be traded to a championship-contending team. As the new season months away it will be interesting to see what offers the Blazers get and if the Blazers would even make the deal...