Reviewing Drake's Certified Lover Boy by Pavy

Pavy gives a brief breakdown of Certified Lover Boy...

Sep 13

Everybody who knows me knows FEW things excite me as much as a new Drake album. Drake is my favorite artist of all time, he was the first rapper that I truly felt I could relate to. So, when I got word that his album was dropping Labor Day weekend, I couldn't contain my excitement. Finally, after months and months of waiting, the time was now, Certified Lover Boy was here.

Being a Drake fan, I hate trying to rank his album or even rate his album until years down the road, mostly because I need to live with the album. There are always songs or lyrics that I might not feel until years down the road when I'm in that situation. I am not someone who listens to an album once then attempts to give in-depth commentary about it. But after at least a week of listening to NOTHING besides CLB, I can comfortably say that I like the album. How much do I like it? Only time will tell.

I know people have their complaints about Drake not doing anything "new," which I disagree with. Stylistically, I think this is one of his more"rap" albums. There are many soul samples and not much dark, low tempo "R&B," which I thought I was getting based on the project's name. Lyrically, it's what Drake said in his description of the album. It's a lot of toxic masculinity and acceptance of the truth that is heartbreaking. I don't hear the same level of wanting women from the past that I used to hear from Drake. I listen, for lack of a better word, more "savagery." I hear somebody who has ultimately settled into the life that he has not the unsure guy from "Take Care." I hear somebody who'd rather throw money at a woman until she shuts up (See. Pipe Down) than wondering when the good ones go.

But as a Drake fan, I am very interested to see where he goes from here. What's next for Drake? Is there anything left for Drake? At this point, with all he's done, is down the only place he can go? Or are there still other levels Drake can reach? New sounds he's yet to uncover? More bars about parenting? Is love in the picture? Who knows, but I'll be interested in watching and listening.