Scott's Weekly NFL Power Rankings - Week 13

Scott gives us a breakdown of last weeks action and where teams stand.

Dec 2


Another crazy week in the NFL is in the books. We all know the NFL is a week to week league and things can change in a second but today lets focus on the best 10 teams heading into week 13.

1. Arizona Cardinals: The Cards even though they’re on a bye week jump 2 spots on the list with the best record in football at 9-2 and holding down the fort without Kyler Murray who is expected to return this week.

2. Green Bay Packers: The Packers stay at the 2 spot with a big win at home against the LA Rams, Rodgers looks like an MVP once again, AJ Dillion holding down the run game and this Packers defense is starting to look really good.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Champs jump 3 spots on my list after a big road win against the surging Indianapolis Colts, the Bucs get a big return game from Antoine Winfield Jr, Lombardi Leonard Fournette and the team is starting to get healthy again, watch out.

4. New England Patriots: The evil empire is back as Sith Lord Bill Belichick and his new protégée Mac Jones are creeping up on the best record in the AFC after a big home win against the Titans, with a win against Buffalo this week you could very well see them in my top 2 next week.

5. Baltimore Ravens: Despite a bad 4 interception game from Lamar Jackson the Ravens get a win over the division rival Browns and look to stave off a charge from the Patriots with a very tough schedule coming up.

6. Tennessee Titans: The Titans fall 5 spots on this list due to a big loss to New England but they will look to right the ship with a soft schedule coming up.

7. Buffalo Bills: The Bills get a much needed bounce back win on Thanksgiving against the Saints as they get ready for a huge division game against the Patriots which could decide how the AFC East goes the rest of the season.

8. Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs are 1st in their division on a bye and fresh off a big win against the Dallas Cowboys, Mahomes is still trying to hit his stride but the defense is coming alive and is preparing for a big end to the season.

9. Dallas Cowboys: The Boys are doing their usual November thing by losing 3 of their last 4 and will need a big win tonight against the Saints to get back on track before a bunch of division games to finish the season.

10. Los Angeles Rams: The much hyped LA Rams are getting the full Matthew Stafford experience losing 3 in a row and not much from the new additions of Odell Beckham Jr and Von Miller but they should be able to right the ship against the Jaguars this week


This week for my teams on the rise I’m going with a couple of fringe playoff teams who are teetering the line of playoffs and elimination. This week I’m going to go with the Colts, Niners, Chargers and Bengals all 4 teams are holding on to wild card spots or fighting for a wild card spot. With some big wins we could see at least 2 of these teams on the list next week.