TPJ explains why the Chicago Bulls are real contenders in the NBA this season.

Nov 16


First off, I want to disclose that I am from Chicago. Secondly, that doesn’t matter. I’m talking about FACTS. So… Let’s get to it.

The Chicago Bulls are the best team in the NBA not named Golden State. Yes, I know you’re thinking Brooklyn, but if you are… No. The Nets are a team that relies on two ball-dominant scorers and to me still lack interior defense. The Bulls have two dominant level scorers that can match Kevin Durant and James Harden output.

I give Kevin Durant a ton of credit for how he’s rebounded and kept his career on track after tearing his achilles in the NBA Finals a few years back. I questioned his explosion and his future ability to create. This might sound odd, but KD has come back better offensively, to me. More efficient, passing numbers are high and he’s just doing his thing effortlessly. — He is the only thing stopping my Bulls. Well… KD and the Greek Freak, Giannis, whose team has been sliding off the rails as they deal with injuries, COVID, and the general championship hangover.

Defense wins championships and that’s why I think the Chicago. The Bulls are currently 5rd, surprisingly behind the LA Clippers and the Golden State Warriors, who are currently number one. The Brooklyn Nets are 8th in defense which is crazy coming off of last season where they were arguably one of the worst teams defensively I’ve ever seen.

With Giannis’ Bucks limping into the playoffs, no Ben Simmons in Philadelphia, and the Nets being a threat but in my estimation, not a real one. I think the Bulls are primed to go to the NBA Finals. Demar Derozan is having the best year of his career, which was already a Hall of Fame level career. He’s #3 currently in my MVP race behind Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. Demar and the deadly scorer shooter that is Zach Lavine can be the best players on the floor any given night. — That doesn’t include multiple-time all-star Nikola Vucevic, who’s been in a god-awful shooting slump. When he returns to form, be very afraid.

Be afraid, be very afraid. The Bulls are coming.