The Many Saints of Newark & Why It Failed as a Tony Soprano Prequel by Thomas Price

Thomas Explains why this film didn't live up to expectations.

Oct 6

The Many Saints of Newark and why it failed as a Tony Soprano prequel…. Where do I begin?

(Deep Drake Sigh)
I don't understand why they would sell us on a prequel that's another film from The Sopranos cinematic universe. Ultimately, little Tony is reduced to a footnote.

I'll break down my issues with the film in bullet points:

⁃ Why is Christopher (dead son of Dickie) reading the narration when he has zero to do with the film outside of appearing as a baby. I don't get it.

⁃ Secondly, Ray Liotta playing TWINS was mind-boggling. When he appeared in prison, I stopped the movie, hit rewind, and wondered if I was tripping.

⁃ Dickie's character sucks. Nothing is redeeming about him or anything he does. The killing of his pops was his fault, and most of what ensued seemed like a cascade of bad choices.

⁃ I understand why the film ended the way it did. Christopher always talked about how his father was killed by blacks, which we see was a clear lie. That part made sense. It set up The Sopranos B characters.

⁃ Will we see more Black vs. Italian drama in prequels or series to come?

Overall, the film as a solo film succeeded. It told a condensed story and executed the end flawlessly. However, again, DONT TELL ME THIS IS A TONY SOPRANO SEQUEL IF IT'S NOT. The end.