TPJ’s 5 Centers in the NBA

Nov 24

TPJ’s 5 Centers in the NBA

TPJ rounds out his Top 5 series with his list of the top 5 Centers in the NBA as we begin this long journey of the NBA 2021-2022 season.

1) Joel Embiid

If healthy, he can be the debate-able best player in the NBA. With Joel, it's all about effort and physical fitness. I hope this team can go far, but they'll only go as Joel takes them.

2) Rudy Gobert

3X Defensive Player of the Year and the reigning DPOY. He's a beast, he's efficient and, overall, Rudy fulfills his role to the max.

3) Karl Anthony Towns

Dealt with a lot personally, but I think KAT has the chance to change his fortunes and perception. The T'wolves can sneak into the playoffs and upset lots of fans. Pat Bev won't let them fold under pressure. It's up to KAT now.

4) Nikola Vucevic

He's on my Bulls, so I'm rooting for him. Also, he's at this point a sure-fire All-Star for the Center spot. Nikola has to turn it up this year on defense and look out for the Bulls.

5) DeAndre Ayton

Pay the man! He balled out last year. I blame the coach for his lack of production in the Finals. They went away from what made them a success.

Written by Thomas "TPJ" Price