TPJ’s 5 Power Forwards in the NBA

TPJ breaks down his current top 5 Power Forwards in the NBA

Nov 17

TPJ’s 5 Power Forwards in the NBA

This is my list of the top 5 Power Forwards in the NBA as we begin this long journey of the NBA 2021-2022 season.

1) Giannis

Finals MVP, dropped a 50pt triple double in the Finals last year. Need I say more?

2) Anthony Davis

He should be the starting 5 in LA this year. See how long that last. I truly believe he’s the key to the Lakers' future and they can only go as far as his skill and aggressiveness take them. He's been hurt a lot and that once again can hinder an all time talent. Cross your fingers.

3) Zion Williamson

He’s hurt... AGAIN....... When he does he’ll be 70-90% of what he used to be, which in my eyes is still good enough to be at the #3 spot for power forwards. I worry for Zion. He has weight and apparent health issues. It can go either way from here.

4) Draymond Green

Same old dog, same old tricks. He'll be key to keeping this young Warriors squad together.

5) Jayson Tatum

Who knows if he can capitalize off the success of last season. Personally, I don't know. People are high on him than I am. He's a one dimensional player and I don't know if he's a #1 or #2.

Written by Thomas "TPJ" Price