TPJ's Top Five Players in The NBA Prediction by Thomas Price

Thomas breaks down his top five players.

Sep 8

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo  — With Giannis coming off his first ring, I look for him to step it up another notch this year. The monkey is off his back, and now he can play and exist, which for him is new. Now that he finally has the ring, I expect higher output with less pressure.

2. Stephen Curry: With Klay Thompson returning and the Golden State Warriors rebuilding their team via the draft, I look for Curry to have one last run at not only the MVP but at a ring. I think the Warriors are a 6-8 seed, but I anticipate Steph will play very well this season with his running mate back and healthy. In addition, Klay will help space the floor and prevent those double and triple teams Curry saw all last year.

3. Anthony Davis — AD dealt with issues all last season and has honestly always dealt with minor nagging injuries. I expect this to be a monster year from AD, who now has a true point guard in Russell Westbrook and a veteran team to back him up. This includes Dwight Howard, who defensively made a significant impact during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers. Dwight can play at the five to allow AD more time at the four spot, where he thrives. Look for him to average 28 points, 11 rebounds, and four assists this season.

4. Joel Embiid — With all the Ben Simmons trade talks swirling and Ben making it know he doesn’t want to return, the pressure is on Embiid. He can shimmy and talk all the sh*t he wants, but let’s be honest, he’s underachieving even with all he’s accomplished in his young career. This is the season for him not only to max out his games played but also his ability. So presuming Ben isn’t there, the pressure all falls on the jolly giant.

5. Zion Williamson - Zion the Lion is ready to take over the kingdom. He’s only getting better and wiser. Zion hasn’t played two full NBA seasons yet. His monster athletic ability combined with Zion having the ball more in Lonzo Ball's absence, I expect Zion always to have the ball and accelerate his progress. This year he averages 9+ rebounds for the first time and truly establishes himself as the most dominant player of the new-gen.