Venom: Let There Be Carnage by Thomas Price

Thomas shares his thoughts on Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Oct 8

Tom Hardy is an actor that I've always respected. He has that classic white American gangster persona with the perfect balance of skill, a low brooding voice, and a willingness to put his body into every role, seemingly. Although his role as Bane wasn't his most impressive, in my opinion, Mad Max holds the crown, followed by his savage role in The Revenant.

Tom Hardy is a guy that is NOT a buddy cop guy, or so, I thought. Tom is joined by the symbiote Venom, and this script ultimately is a Marvel buddy cop film without Eddie and Venom being cops. Instead, Tom and Venom bounce off joke after joke and see to make a happy-go-lucky group. Tom, playing reporter and photographer Eddie Brock, was asked by the police to help put convicted serial killer Cletus Kasady. Unfortunately, Eddie/Venom betrays Cletus's trust, and his execution is expedited on the back of Eddie's story.

Brock and Venom are mainly in their feels in this film, which is the ultimate cause for Cletus gaining his piece of the symbiote and ultimately transforming into the supervillain Carnage.

This movie's script is odd in that the first 30 minutes feels relatively slow, then the film whooshes you in, and before you know it, it's over. However, I thought the B storyline of Eddie losing Anne, his ex-fiancé, was a nice touch. I believe his love, as well as Venom's love for her, will be an excellent storyline to continue with (unless she marries her new fiancé Dan, we don't like Dan). 

The action was crazy. CGI was top tier, and ultimately, I wasn't upset by the ending or the post-credits scene that will bring Venom into the MCU. Overall, this was a good movie; it's Not life-changing or a cinematic piece of work, but a solid film. 

Overall, 3/4