Wacky Trades For Spicy P by Cam Archer

Cam Archer shares some trades for Pascal Siakim...

Sep 3

With the drafting of Florida State forward Scottie Barnes, the Toronto Raptors sent a message that had already been a rumor with the slightest of traction, Pascal Siakam can be traded for the right offer. What that price is at the moment is anyone's guess. One can assume the 27-year old won't be given away for nothing, but will his cost reach the Paul George, Anthony Davis, and Jrue Holiday range? The Los Angeles Clippers, Sacramento Kings, and Golden State Warriors are all said to have a major interest in Siakam, so let's throw out some trade packages, with a twist to them.

Kings Bring in the Mavs

Kings trade: Marvin Bagley III & Buddy Hield to Dallas Mavericks; three 1st-round picks to the Toronto Raptors.

Mavericks trade: Kristaps Porzingis, one 1st round pick, and two 2nd round picks to Toronto Raptors.

Ok, let's get weird. 

The Kings have been searching for a landing spot for Buddy Hield. At the same time, the Dallas Mavericks would love to get rid of the forward formerly known as the Unicorn. The Toronto Raptors can say they aren't in the middle of a pseudo rebuild, but their roster says otherwise. In this deal, the Raptors land Porzingis and hope that their culture and coaching staff can help him return to pre-injury form. The Sacramento Kings being a perpetual dumpster fire makes those three first-round picks from the Kings challenging to pass up on, while the picks from the Mavericks are merely a sweetener for absorbing the contract of arguably the worst player in the transaction. 

The Mavericks get another proven sharpshooter that can soak up uncontested threes thanks to Luka Dončić's penetration. Hield's 40% shooting clip from deep would be a very welcome addition to the Mavericks backcourt. Bagley III would be given his second chance in a much less toxic environment. The former number two overall pick in the 2018 Draft will probably never live down the Sam Bowie stigma after being selected before Dončić and Hawks superstar Trae Young. Still, at the very least, he can become a good pick and roll partner for the Slovenian Supernova. 

The Warriors Send Draymond Home

Warriors trade: James Wiseman, two 1st-round picks to the Toronto Raptors; Draymond Green to the Detroit Pistons

Pistons trade: Jerami Grant to the Toronto Raptors

The most significant reason a trade for Siakam to the Golden State Warriors couldn't be consummated before or during the draft night was the reluctance to add Andrew Wiggins, to the log jam of forwards on the Raptors, especially after selecting Scottie Barnes fourth overall.  Perhaps they'd make an exception for the Piston's Jerami Grant due to his far less daunting contract, positional versatility, and more consistent motor on the court. 

On top of Grant, the Raptors receive what could become an absolute steal for them; 2020 number two overall pick James Wiseman. The former Memphis Tiger was horribly miscast last season and placed on a Warriors team that couldn't decide if it wanted to allow him to learn and grow at a slow pace or penalize him playing time for his rookie mistakes. This trade gives him a much softer landing spot and a far better coaching staff in player development. 

The odd man out is the swiss army knife known as Draymond Green. The do it all, undersized power forward has provided the fire and defensive backbone that helped lead the Warriors to three championships. Some thought he had lost a step after a disappointing 2019-2020 campaign, but his performance this season put that notion to bed. The Pistons were considered an option at one point in time. However, with 2021 first overall pick Cade Cunningham saying he wants to bring back the Bad Boy image to the Motor City, there's no better personality to help implement that than the former Michigan State Spartan. The Warrior faithful may scoff at the idea on the surface, but this deal could benefit all parties involved.