WHAT IF… 6th Episode Review (Weekly) by Thomas Price

Thomas shares his thought on the animated series What If!

Sep 10

E1 So far, this has been my favorite episode. I loved the flip on Agent Carter’s story, and seeing her turn into Cap was something to Marvel at. Love seems to be a key dynamic in the MCU. Love also appears to be the thing that causes so much death and destruction. This episode was fantastic. I won’t spoil the ending.

E2 Rest In Peace Chadwick Boseman. Even though he’s gone, he still speaks to us through his masterful performances. I love the twist on turning him into Star-Lord. It makes for a truly dynamic character, and even with Yondu serving in a similar role, it’s super entertaining. I’m glad we got to receive another outstanding performance from Chadwick.

E3 The twist at the end was masterful. Random but genuinely gifted. The Ant-Man storyline seems to serve as a huge center point for the last-gen of the MCU. So many points throughout the WHAT IF saga lead back to Ant-Man and the crew. I didn’t expect this when the first film arrived, but to see the characters unfold has been great. Plus, add in the murder mystery, and it’s a great story. I love this episode.

E4 This episode was truly heartbreaking. Damn. But also, at the same time, Dr. Strange has always been a pompous asshole. So his decisions don’t surprise me. The need for more has always been a quirk to me. Still nonetheless, another heartbreaking ending.

E5 I’m not going to lie. Out of all the sad endings we’ve seen from this show. This one was the worst. I guess Marvel aims to point the finger back at the complainers about the happy ending arcs. Because seeing Wakanda in the state it was in by episodes end was heartbreaking. Then the episode just ends. I was shaking my head!

E6 What if Thor was an only child? Well, I'll tell you. You would be annoyed as an MCU fan. I won't lie; the WHAT IF series has been progressively becoming less and less interesting. I like the subject matter of this episode, but seeing Thor turn Earth into his club wasn't that great of a viewing experience. To watch Jane Foster essentially be the savior of Earth for an entire episode just didn't hit the same. I wouldn't say I like to give too many spoilers, but I would much rather Thor and Loki versus Thor solo. Although Loki makes an appearance that garners a few laughs, ultimately, I just felt like this was a wasted opportunity. With only one episode left, let's hope this season ends with a bang versus the last two three weeks, which, in my opinion, have been slow and uninteresting.